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Grandstream WP810 Programming
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Accessing the Web UI

1. Connect the computer to the same network as WP810.
2. Make sure the WP810 is booted up and powered correctly. 
3. You may check WP810 IP address via a subscribed WP810 on its LCD menu Status → Network Status. Please see [WP810 Network ]
4. Open Web browser on your computer and enter the WP810 IP address in the address bar of the  browser. 
5. Enter the administrator’s username and password to access the Web Configuration Menu.


  • The computer must be connected to the same sub-network as the WP810. This can be easily done by connecting the computer to the same hub or switch as the WP810.
  • The default administrator username is “admin”, and the random password can be found on the sticker at the back of the unit. the default end-user username is “user”, and the password is “123”.
  • If ‘Disable web UI access’ parameter is enabled under Advanced settings → System security; web UI access will be disabled

Register a SIP Account

1. Access your WP810 base station web UI by entering its IP address in your favorite browser. 

2. Enter your admin’s username and password (default username and password: admin/ Random Password from the sticker on the back of the unit). 

3. Press Login to access your settings. 

4. Go to Account tab and select the account to configure. 

5. In General Settings, set the following: 

  a. Account Active to Yes. 
  b. Account Name: Any name to identify this specific user.
  c. SIP Server field with  SEP Server (i.e.
  d. SIP User ID: SEP User account information (i.e. SEPmunber) 
  e. Authenticate ID: SEP User
  f. Authenticate Password: SEP Password

6. Press Save and Apply to save your configuration. After applying your configuration, your phone will register to your SIP Server. You can verify if your WP810 has registered with your SIP server from its web interface under Status → Account Status (“Registered” with green color when the account is correctly registered, or “Unregistered” with red when the account is not properly registered)

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