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User Guide - Slingshot FAX Service
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Slingshot FAX Service

Slingshot FAX Service is an email to FAX and FAX to email service.  A fax number and email address must be registered with Slingshot for the service,

Example:  fax number: 2898140304;
               email address:

1.0 Receiving FAX

     When a fax is received on a clients registered fax number, the fax is emailed from 
     Slingshot to the email address corresponding to the registered fax number.
     The email will have the subject: "You have Slingshot Fax email from xxxxxxxx"

2.0 Sending FAX 

     Email the fax to ""

     Attach the document to fax in PDF format.

     On the Subject, enter the fax number of the recipient followed by ".fax." and the sender's fax

     Example: 4166468488.fax.2898140304

        where: 4166468488 is the receiver's fax number
                             .fax. is the required delimiter
                   2898140304 is the sender's registered fax number

      Press Send

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