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SIP Error Codes
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403 Troubleshooting

A 403 error is sent by the network. It means that the network is understanding your registration or call request but refused to fulfill it. This could be for a number of reasons including:

  • Incorrect username/password
  • Number being called is not supported (eg long-distance)
  • Lack of funds in the account

Contact us to find out why the error is being sent.

404 Troubleshooting

Error '404 Not Found' indicates that the server had definite information that the user does not exist in the specified domain. We recommend that you ensure you have entered a valid username or telephone number and try again.

408 Troubleshooting

A 408 error means that the client app is sending a registration signal to the server, but never receiving a response. This usually happens for one of three reasons:

  1. The signal is being sent to the wrong server
  2. The server is receiving the signal, but is unable to process it
  3. The server is processing the registration, but the response back to Bria is being routed incorrectly.

For cases 1 or 2, I recommend you contact our support department and confirm your SIP account information, and that our network is receiving and processing it.

However, the third case is generally the most common, and you can usually work around it by changing your Firewall Traversal Method in the Bria admin portal. Log in to the admin portal, go to the Voice & Video tab, and edit your server configuration. In the "Service Settings" tab, try changing your Firewall Method to one of the available options. If you set it to STUN, you can use as the firewall server URL (it does not require a username or password). Remember that once you make a change in the admin portal, you need to log out and back in on the Bria app to download the updated settings.

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