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Company Greetings vs Department Voicemail vs Personal Voicemail
Last Updated a year ago

There are three types of greetings that can be customized.

  1. Company Greetings

    These are played at every interaction of the IVR auto-attendant. 

    At the top, the initial greeting "Thank you for calling Slingshot VoIP, press 1 for sales, 2 for support, and etc".

    After every choice (for example, 1 was pressed above) "You've reached Slingshot VOIP Sales, for call centre solutions

  2. Personal Voicemail

    Every team member has a personal voicemail that can have a personal message.

  3. Department Voicemail

    These are the group voicemails for specific departments. For example, if a company has a Sales Department, voicemail messages will be sent to a group.  These work exactly like Personal Voicemails.

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