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Voicemail Commands
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Applicable for both team members & group voicemails.  

To Access your voicemail

  • from an external number like a cell phone
    1. Dial your slingshot number
    2. Dial your extension number
    3. Once you hear the recording, press the star key (*)
    4. Enter your password.
  • from an internal number like an IP phone
    1. Pick up your phone
    2. Dial * + extension number, example *+101 if your extension is 101
    3. Enter your password
  • default password is '55555'

Main Menu Commands

1 for New Messages

2 to Change Folders

3 for Advanced Options

0 for Mailbox Options

* for Help

# to Exit

1. New Messages Options


3 for Advanced Options

   1 to Send Reply

   3 to listen to Message Envelope

   5 to Leave a Message

   * to return to Main Menu

5 to Repeat Current Messages

6 to Play the Next Message

7 to Delete the Current Message

9 to Save the Current Message

* for Help; during msg playback: Rewind# to Exit; during msg playback: Skip Forward

0. Mailbox Options


1 to record your UNAVAILABLE message

2 to record your BUSY message

3 to record your NAME

4 to manage your TEMPORARY greeting

5 to change your PASSWORD

* to return to the Main Menu

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